Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Lover

No more am I alone
In the presence of a singular loving mind, body and soul
To reach out to caress, the soft smooth skin of my beloved.

Eyes intensely brown, set in the gaze of a jet black brow
Lips rounded and welcoming
Cheekbones proud of their celtic origins
A gentle smile balanced with dimples
Teeth as white as chalk cliffs
A nose rounded as if sculpted by a master
Hands that express passion and desire
Arms that enfold me and say that I am home.
A soft voice that tells me I belong

No more am I alone
Today I can breathe
And express all that has awaited within me
Dreams becoming reality
Love exposing our common humanity

Thank God
No more am I alone
But instead, I find myself becoming complete
Long awaited in depth, two longing hearts meet
And the love grows and creates a new existence

Where once I was alone
Hope connection and deep longing
are all expressed in a kiss and embrace

Monday, August 13, 2007

Perichoresis - The Divine Dance of God

Heads bowing, hands sharing, hearts racing
Feet poised suspended in the support of the other.
Holy Three yet one, laugh, cry, celebrate and lament their co-creativity.

Time burst out as the by-product of a hurling helix
of mystical presence
swaying through the dance.
Life and all things became real
Out of the dynamic of joy and love expressed in movement.

The Creator led the dance from sumation to incarnation,
The Redeemer led the dance from incarnation to Pentecost
The Companion leads the dance now from the time of the church
to the consumation.
But Holy dance,
don't slow down,
don't wait on us inattentive humanity.

Free us Holy Three in one to learn the dance
Teach us to be free from our selfishness and greed
Let us relearn how to dance spiritually
And be a blessing to the Cosmos
And be the spiritual community
The dancing God calls us to be

By Ian Mobsby

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dreams of re-uniting

(Song Lyric)
Dreams of dreams, a-rolling round my head.
Shades of sunlight burning through the haze,
Are signs of life, a life away from me.
‘cos how, how do I talk to you,
when you’re not there.

Endless days of carefree play ineffably sublime.
Time moved by time, devoid of my mind
Are signs of love, a love abandoned me.
‘cos how, how do I hold you,
when you’re not there.

You turned my energy into suppressed anxiety,
Agony and pain become the order, of reality.
Of reality…..
Like the sun in the distance, I became enslaved,
I become enslaved.

As I look out my window at the world going by.
At the shades of my kind as the free walk on by.
My life moves on, a path of endless turns,
‘Cos I, I will live on from you,
When you’re not there.
When you’re not there.
When you’re not there.


(Song lyric)

In the wind that blows so cold,
The veils of a million widowed.
All float upon the same side
As the myriad tears do fall
Of a million sorrows fall
In one stream glide
In one stream glide
You’re on the same side.

Divided sons fight on fight on
You lacerate humanity
And tare apart the earth
And create such hostility
In vain, such misery
When will you learn
When will you learn
You’re on the same side.

In the earth
In union
As one
One hope, one faith abide
The brothered dead lay cheek to cheek
Their bones slowly turning to dust
Their bones slowly turning to dust

What would they say
What would they say
They are no more…..

Monday, February 05, 2007

I found myself on a beach in Holywood

I met myself anew on the beach of Holywood
That amongst the turns, driftwood and plastic bottles,
Fanned by the fresh air and chill of a January day,
I encountered my pain – again self-neglected.

Why do I – resident of busy cities,
Always end up living on the outside edge of me,

That in the pretense of business,
Avoid living from my centre,
The place of ordinariness,

Of joy and pain
The place where I can fully live of God

When will I learn,
That living on my edge
Impoverishes my soul
Starves my vitality
Reducing me to a hell of self-loathing
And inner despair

In this sunny Irish day,
My God brings me up short
Applies a kick to my stubborn backside
Creation draws me back to the centre
As the Spirit of God shouts at my deaf ears
To open my senses – to see what is before me

So for now it is pain
Tomorrow it will be relief
That again I engage with me feelings
And feel human again,
Balance and peace will be restored tomorrow

As I feel the cold water
The grit of sandy beach
The shells of discarded life
The smell of decaying seaweed
The taste of salt

I again encounter Grace
The divine made present
That shouts to me to listen
To be loved, to be cherished
To belong when I am in exile
To trust when I feel lost
To believe when I feel liminal
To see when I am broken
To hold when I am lonely
To seek when I feel judged

Our great God, that beckons me
Draws me to my core.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Breathing is believing

I have been challenged recently by how the Christian mystics had a very earthed faith that enabled them to experience God beyond facts and very ordered and conforming rational belief systems. Somehow their questing got beyond the limitations of our thinking. With this in mind, and my challenge of living with asthma, this powm came to mind:

Breathing in believing
God’s breath,
God breathed and it was so.
Breathe in breathe out,
Molecules, born of the cosmic dance created,
From the heavenly lights renewed,
Revitalised through mystical exchange of matter.

God breathed, and all creation became so.
From void to infinite distance,
From darkness to incandescent light,
Fanned by the breath of the belovéd

So as God breathed over the waters,
Life entered where the divine played.

And God breathed on those,
Bestowed with the image of God - both equal,
Called to breathe and co-create,
To make, to incarnate, to propagate.

And the God of three was pleased,
With the results of creative breath.
But as one profoundly all-knowingly,
Knew breath and play were not enough,
That God must breathe as those bestowed with mortal breath.
To restore and recreate,
By loosing breath for others,
So that all may breathe well,
To breathe for eternal freedom.

Breath divinely given,
Breath humanly taken,
Breath divinely lost
Breath divinely restored.

But will God breath over our boiling waters and parched land once more?
Will divine breath restore a creation loosing its last breath and sustenance?
Will divine presence draw our world afresh once more?

Ian Mobsby
June 2006

Thursday, November 02, 2006

First Post - Poem 'Once More'...

Well, I thought I would create this little blog, as other blogs I am involved in don't have enough room for me to be fully me, so I put this out as a space for expression of what's within me... This lttle poem expresses my heart sadly disappointed about the potential of a relationship that did not work out, sorry for the angst.

Once More…
Once more,
I find myself amongst other consumerables above another ‘for sale’ barcode, on a familiar shelf.

This item is unusual, not quite as beautiful on the outside as other similar products.
In fact on first glance, it may not look like something you would want at all,
compared to what is available.

However this sadly neglected version,
has hidden depths, of creative flare, and a commitment to life in its fullness.
So it is sad, that it is never given,
the opportunity to demonstrate its inner excellence,

But sadly,
these depths are not a subject of consumer demand,

the market dictates an outside aesthetic rather than any hidden qualities or creativity.

No, what is wanted is the instant hit, the wow factor, the panash, the get-you-noticed desirable luxury item, which unfortunately this product can never meet.

So will this pretty ordinary yet committed consumerable ever find a home with a suitable consumer?

Or is its destiny to pass its sell-by-date unmet of human demand?